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Do you offer virtual Courses?

Yes. In addition to four (4) in-person training sessions occurring at each of our member organization’s respective conferences, we will offer two (2) virtual sessions in November 2019. Stay tuned in for the dates and registration portal to go live!

When will the class start/finish?

For in-person training sessions, the class will begin at 9AM local time and end at 4PM local time. Virtual sessions will begin at 11AM EST and end at 12:30PM EST.

Will the day include meals?

Yes, we will offer meals for attendees of our in-person trainings.

Is there a dress code?

We encourage our attendees to dress business-casual for our in-person trainings.

Will we receive materials in advance of the training?

Yes, everyone who comes will be emailed the materials prior to the start of class to follow along with the presentation and demonstrations.

What is the cost of the program? Can my organization receive a discount?

All trainings offered by the CLA are free. However, attendees of the in-person trainings are responsible for their own hotel accommodations. Attendees of in-person trainings being offered at CLA member organizations’ conferences may be able to book with in Conference room block, but this is not guaranteed.

Should I bring my laptop to training?

Yes. We do not provide laptops at training and you may need internet access during the training. Laptops are highly recommended over tablets or smartphones to ensure that attendees are able to fully participate in the session. We do not have spare laptops at our courses. Complimentary internet is usually available or “faster” internet is available for purchase at the venue.

Additionally, if you’re using a company laptop, please check with your IT department about potential issues with Wifi and firewalls. All attendees may be required to use Wifi during class, so ensuring that you are able to freely access the internet is essential for the training experience.

Will I receive a certification for completing the course?

Yes. You will receive a certificate from the Chamber Leadership Alliance for completing this course. All participants should attend full two (2) days of CLDP to be eligible for the certificate. There are sign-up sheets for both days to keep track of your participation.

Will Trainings be cancelled in the event of Inclement weather, etc.?

Trainings are very rarely canceled. Should the host city deem travel unsafe or prohibits public transportation, in-person trainings may be cancelled at the CLA’s discretion. A CLA representative will notify attendees should the class be delayed or canceled.